Gutter Installation – How to Get Started


One of the things that most homeowners overlook is the proper installation of gutters. Any debris from plants and other objects can cause the gutters to rust as a matter of fact sometimes the damage is severe hence replacement is more feasible compared to repairs. Gutter installation is something that is a little bit difficult to do but if one is fully equipped with the right knowledge in doing so then everything will be just fine.

Initial Steps Prior Installation of New Gutters

Prior purchasing new gutters at, it is vital that the entire plan for the house is scrutinized and this includes the entire gutter system. It is vital to identify the length of the gutter that run across several parts of the house and how many downspouts are needed as well as its length. If the old gutter system is just good enough then the configuration for the new system must not be altered. Enlist all the needed materials for the installation along with the measurements.

If the length of the gutter run does not surpass 35 feet then the highest point should be placed at one end while the run going to the downward direction of the downspout. If it’s the other way around, meaning it exceeds 35 feet then the highest point must be at the center while the run sloping down to both sides of the downspouts. For the two lengths, the high point must be one inch below the fascia board where the gutters at are found while the slope must be an inch for every 10 feet of run. Creating a chalk line while keeping one end of the gutter in place will provide a better guide as the installation takes place.

Steps in Gutter Installation

In setting up downspout outlets, a 1 inch deck screws can be used. It must be kept close to the run but not to its very end, it must be connected to the end of the house with the chalk line. As for the gutter hangers this must be attached to the fascia with the intervals of 24 inches through the use of 1 inch deck screws. This must be fasten with a gap of 1 inch from the end of roof, tracing the chalk like and leaving some space at the bottom of the gutter caps.

Gut covers are also used to all the corners that don’t involve a downspout and are not found at the bottom of the run. As for the gutter sections it can be cut using a hacksaw in order for the end of the rood to fit in the outlet. To get more tips about gutter installation, visit this website at


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